There is No Pleasure Without Beauty

Informed by our founders’ Roman upbringing, and driven by the motto “Non Sine Voluptate Est Pulchritudo” Latin for “There’s no pleasure without beauty”- the Superba ethos is to infuse a classic Italian sensibility into modern lifestyle goods, making them a joy to both use and display.

Enhancing Daily Lives

The initial impetus behind Superba was to encourage an informed dialogue around the benefits of CBD products. Having experienced first hand the transformative power of CBD to heal, energise, and nourish, we set off to create a range that would marry high quality products and pared down aesthetics, with the simple goal of enhancing our daily lives.


Superba currently has two stand-alone stores: our first store, located in the Baroque heart of Rome opened in 2018, and was recently followed by a store in Lisbon. Our products are also available through several retailers that share our mindset and vision. Taking the lead from the US market, Superba was one the first CBD focused brands in Europe to create an elevated environment in which to experience the brand’s offering, with a focus going beyond ‘wellness’, into luxury for the everyday.

Italy - Via dei Falegnami 66A, 00186 Rome

Portugal - Calçada Marquês Abrantes 132, 1200-720, Lisbon

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