Obelisco Stoneware Smoking Pipe


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Obelisco Stoneware Smoking Pipe

Obelisco was inspired by the sensuous lines of modernist sculptures, as well as by the monumental shapes of Rome’s many stone obelisks. This hefty sculptural piece will feel as comfortable sitting in the palm of your hand, blazing some aromatic buds, as it will be stood up and displayed as an objet d’art in your home.

All of our pipes are fully glazed, to offer a non-porous finish, with a large burning chamber and a reassuring hand-feel.


      Are you ready to elevate your smoking experience with a unique, handmade stoneware smoking pipe?
      Follow these simple steps to get started:

      • Choose your pipe: Browse through our collection of stoneware smoking pipes and choose the one that speaks to you. Each pipe is handcrafted with care, so no two are exactly alike.

      • Prepare your herbs: Grind your herbs to a consistency that is appropriate for smoking. If you're not sure, a medium-fine grind usually works well.

      • Pack your pipe: Gently pack the bowl of the pipe with your ground herbs. Be sure not to pack it too tightly, as this can restrict airflow and make it difficult to draw smoke.

      • Light your pipe: Using a lighter or match, hold the flame over the bowl of the pipe while inhaling slowly. Be sure to keep the flame above the bowl, rather than touching it directly.

      Enjoy: Once the bowl is lit, inhale slowly and steadily, drawing the smoke into your lungs. Hold the smoke for a few seconds before exhaling.

      Clean your pipe: After each use, it's important to clean your pipe to maintain its performance and appearance. Use a pipe cleaner to remove any ash or debris from the bowl and stem, and wipe the outside of the pipe with a soft cloth.


      Handmade stoneware pipe. Designed in Rome and responsibly manufactured in Portugal.

      Material: Stoneware

      Dimensions: 14x4x5cm

      Easy to clean.

      Returns: We don’t accept returns on smoking accessories. All sales are final. Learn about our return policy.

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